The Contextual Electronics Podcast

The CE Podcast is a video and audio podcast that posts twice per month. We discuss more than how electronics work and talk to our guests about why they are building them in the first place. We cover topics inside and outside the field of electronics and try to bring more context to the field.

CEP015 – Finishing Prototypes with Zack Freedman

Zack Freedman is a prototyping engineer turned YouTuber who makes bombastic videos about 3D printed creations and getting projects across the finish line. He joins Chris to talk about his past hardware designs and what he will be building next.

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CEP014 – Moving to KiCad V6 with Jon Evans

Welcome, Jon Evans of the KiCad project! Jon Evans is a longtime developer on the KiCad project and practicing EE at Formlabs. He joins Chris to talk about the future of KiCad, including features that are coming in V6. Show Notes 0:00 Introduction 2:15 Making changes to the platform 4:00 History of the codebase – Chat with the KiCad team about V6 and beyond 5:05 Jon’s work background – Jon works for Formlabs 8:20 What is coming in KiCad v6? 10:45 Working with legacy code in KiCad 13:30 Looking at an example project 14:50 Schematic editor 18:50 Changes to the

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CEP013 – Open Source Robotics with Kat Scott

Kat Scott of Open Robotics joins Chris to talk about how to create high complexity robotic creations and also how to create the lower level electronics that integrate into larger ROS systems. Kat is also a member of OSHWA, which defines and certifies Open Source Hardware.

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CEP012 – Mixed Media with Becky Stern

Becky Stern mixes electronics, crafts, and practical applications to create interesting products and projects. She talks with Chris about her library of work and how to get started pairing electronics with something other than plastic boxes.

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CEP011 – Environmental Monitoring with Conservify

Conservify is creating the FieldKit, a new modular system for environmental monitoring for research scientists and citizen scientists. The engineering team joins Chris to talk about deploying measurement systems into harsh environments and how to make things that last.

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