The Contextual Electronics Podcast

The CE Podcast is a video and audio podcast that posts twice per month. We discuss more than how electronics work and talk to our guests about why they are building them in the first place. We cover topics inside and outside the field of electronics and try to bring more context to the field.

CEP004 – High current open hardware with Elen from Fully Automated Technologies

Elen from Fully Automated Technologies joins Chris to talk about building high current battery controllers. She also describes an exciting new site called EDeA, for offering circuit schematic and layout blocks in KiCad. That site will allow users to pull in open source, proven design blocks to their designs. All electronics designed at Fully Automated Technologies is open source.

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CEP003 – A Hardware Design Review with Erik Larson

Today we’re talking with, Erik Larson, who is a firmware engineer with some interesting background! He joins Chris to review the Advanced BLE-Cell (ABC) board, which is also a new course on Contextual Electronics. Erik has worked at places like Honeywell Aerospace, Apriva and Hologram (where he and Chris met). Erik is now a full time consultant for his own company, Statropy Software LLC. Erik was the firmware engineer on the Hologram Dash, which was an embedded module that Hologram used to make for people to get started making cellular connected devices. During his career, he had to learn how

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CEP002 – Building a DIY Pick and Place with Stephen Hawes

Today we’re talking with, Stephen Hawes, an electronics engineer and maker who is building his own Pick and Place machine and sharing about the process on YouTube Stephen works at Formlabs during the day, and films videos at night! Controlling 30 feeders Using OpenPnP Adding vision to the PnP PnP Controller build The glowtie (which he did a crowdfunding campaign on) Video version of the podcast: Audio version of the podcast:

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CEP001 – Design Methodologies with Sophy Wong

Sophy Wong is a designer and maker who combines 3D printing, soft goods, electronics and software to make a wide range of projects online. She also shares as she is learning, and creates tutorials so others may follow in her footsteps.

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