About the course

Contextual Electronics is a site dedicated to teaching electronics in an easy-to-understand way with lots of hands-on interaction. Courses run in an ongoing basis, with a focus on developing stand alone PCB modules; these are used to construct larger projects. There is a strong community component to each lesson being taught and regular interaction is encouraged between students and instructors. By the end of each course, you will feel more confident designing and building your own hardware and will have a project you constructed from the beginning as proof.

There have been lots of great questions asked since we started. Perhaps some of your questions could be answered by the FAQ?

About the instructor

Chris Gammell has been working and teaching in the electronics industry for more than 10 years in a wide range of industries. He currently works full time as an electrical engineer in the industrial space, working primarily on analog electronics. Chris also co-hosts The Amp Hour Electronics Podcast, a show all about industry news, projects and guests from the electronics world. His co-host is Dave Jones from the EEVblog.

Contextual Electronics is operated by Analog Life, LLC.